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Architectural and principal design

  • design for both new buildings and renovations
  • flexible possibility for different types of assignments
  • AA-qualified for new building projects and renovations (see qualification registry
  • collaboration with collagues, partners Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy, Architectural office Nurminen Antila & Co Oy

Conceptual design and interior design

  • analysis of spatial entities for improving effective use, reshaping spaces with design for strengthening desired use
  • spatial brand development
  • interior design for private housing and office environments

Project development

  • strategic activity and environment development
  • development review and solution alternatives for spatial needs or for existing spaces
  • creative multidisciplinary and out-of-the-box think tank
Private houses - good to know about design process

Architectural design ensures that space entity for new premises is according to objectives, fitted properly to the site and that functional and aesthetic needs have been taken into account. Principal design is required in projects that need building permit. Principal designer is responsible for coordinating all design and engineering and also acts as contact person with the city officials.

Design period is a multistage process that gains accuracy as it proceeds. Sketching is used to find right overall entity. Main (official) drawings are required in all official context. Working drawings for project implementation have detailed information; they define accurately measurements and building parts like fixed furniture, materials and surfaces. If needed procurement documents are also created. It is useful to allow several months for design process, familiarizing options&documents and decision making. Also note that permit process In Finland takes typically about 1-2 months.

The cost of architectural design for a private house is in average a few percents of all building costs. Depending of project and assignment scale the cost settles mostly between 5000-20000 €.  However, assignment size is subject to flexible definition varying from a  few hours of interior design to all inclusive project design. We would very much like to submit an offer for design according to initial project information.

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